Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday was the base Easter Egg Hunt. Here they are at the sideline of the football field waiting for it to begin.

And they're off!

They had to collect eggs from the field and then turn them in for eggs filled with treats and prizes.

They agreed to give the Easter Bunny high fives, but there was no lingering or hugging.

Happy Spring everybody!!!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

National Anthem

Every evening they play the Korean and American National Anthems on base. Our balcony door was open one evening and Sophie heard it so she stepped outside and put her hand over her heart while it played. She wasn't facing the flag, but it can't be seen from our apartment so I don't think she knows where it is at. Bless her heart.
We have found the flag. It off to the left and she can just see it thru the trees.
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Biggest Playground Ever

We drove to Yongsan AFB this weekend to take the girls to the playground at the Elementary School on base. It was a long and frustrating drive, but well worth it.
I didn't think Dave would make it through that twisty slide, but he did.
Sophie came out of this tube crackling with static.
This playground had so many elements. There were also separate sections with swings and climbing walls.
Daphne enjoys one of the shorter slides.
This is one of the two sets of climbing walls. This is Daphne before she got to the top and yelled for me to help her down. Sophie was all over the place making friends and even met a toddler named Sophie who was also born on Valentine's day!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Subway trip to COEX Aquarium

A 90-minute subway ride begins with happy faces.
Sophie warily checks out a corn cake snack at a train stop.
Daphne dives right in. It was a long ride with 3 bustling transfers and the little troopers hung in there despite having their faces stroked by every elderly lady within reaching distance and being given candy twice (once from a group of giggling teen girls and once from a shop keeper who offered his with the words "happy and strong"-oh the trials of being cute).
The Aquarium started off with a strange exhibit we called "look at the weird things we put fish in." A fish shaped sink, for example.
Or how about a lego-filled aquarium or a television?
There was also a phone booth, a vending machine, a refrigerator and a front-loading washing machine. Odd that this was the one that made Daphne say "that's crazy to put fish in here!"
Manatees and two little girls, so far from home.
The tunnel was so popular with Sophie that she went through it twice.
Every happy day ends with ice cream & donuts, right? Oh, and mommy & daddy decided to take the bus home. We were one tired family.
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Snow Day

Their little dreams came true, we got a tiny bit of snow here on the 23rd/24th of March. It was just enough to stick for half a day.
On a day this wonderful, you might even hug your sister without trying to put her in a choke hold.
Many snow angels were made.

We went from playground to playground and Daphne finally agreed to help make a snowman.
Sophie got the ball rolling...
Daphne actually got excited about helping once she saw how it worked.
Look at that big girl with the snowball.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes girls, there are playgrounds in Korea

Sophie working to keep her title of "Monkey Bar Queen."
Daphne just being a monkey.
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Incheon Airport

Pushin' the cat cart. I'm sure Jasper and Alice appreciated us letting Sophie push them through the airport.
Yes, it is colder here in Korea than it was in California.
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Birthday Girl

Enjoying her birthday at The Olive Garden because "they sing Happy Birthday the way I do" there.
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Monday, March 12, 2007